Hair Extensions are a great way to achieve a fuller and longer look to your hair. They give you an opportunity to make an exciting change. Flo has worked with numerous actors and actresses for film, photo shoots and special events. As well as soccer moms, playboy bunnies, models, secretaries and more. For 10 years she has been pleasing her clientele, she will guide you through the process step by step, beginning with a complimentary consultation. No obligation. At this time you will find out if hair extensions are right for you. What to expect at your consultation... During your consultation, Flo will partner with you to discuss your expectations and needs. The ultimate goal of this discussion is to determine what method will be best for you, to give you the opportunity to decide on what length, color and amount of fullness that is desired. Flo uses human hair of various textures. Hair Extensions can last anywhere up to 8 weeks max. or just for the day, for a special event. Depending on what your needs are will determine what method will be used. When yourself and Flo has decided that Hair Extensions with Flo is right for you, Flo will be able to provide you with the cost of service. You may schedule an appointment and move forward. Flo will arrange a day and time where to meet with you to select and purchase the hair extensions. This way you will see the extensions and know what to expect before they are applied. What to expect at your appointment... Depending on the method of application and number of strands needed, your appointment will be between 3-4 hours or less. At your appointment, Flo will apply your hair extensions, cut and finish them, as well as go over with you the proper care of your new Extensions.